Slightly Blemished Light Bar Actuator - Baja Designs OnX6 Straight
Slightly Blemished Light Bar Actuator - Baja Designs OnX6 Straight

Slightly Blemished Light Bar Actuator - Baja Designs OnX6 Straight

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Does not affect product performance 

Please see photo for exact item you will receive. There is a little peeling of the clear powder coat on the underside of the housing in the corner, will not be visible once mounted on a light.  

This is a new unused unit.  Only 1 available at this price.

The EPP Light Bar Actuator is a compact, self contained light bar control system designed for the straight Baja Designs OnX6 LED bar.  Utilizing the best of the best components, this unit allows you to easily gain the ability to make on the fly adjustments to your LED bar.  With the flick of a switch you can instantly adjust your light up or down to accommodate for high speed/low speed conditions, acceleration/deceleration, trail conditions, etc.  Race vehicles with large rear fuel cells can differ several inches between full and empty, which greatly changes your light trajectory.  For vehicles with heavy electrical loads, it allows you to increase you light efficiency, and eliminate the need for excess lights and electrical loads.  For short wheelbase UTV's and 4x4's, its great for panning up/down to see trail conditions and climbs/descents.  The uses are limitless.  All while drawing less than 1A power.

Vehicle specific mounting and wiring kits coming soon.


  • IP67 Rated 110lb force linear actuator
  • 2 stage powder coated body
  • Hard anodized CNC machined components
  • Precision stainless steel shoulder bolts at pivots
  • Teflon lined FK pivot bearings, and rod ends
  • Low profile design
  • Shares similar mounting points as Baja Designs supplied mounting brackets


  • Designed to accommodate straight 10"-50" OnX6 LED bars
  • Unit weight: 3lb (without light)
  • Compact, the unit adds about 3/8" to the depth and 1/2" height to your light.