About EPP

The "Eversen Performance" name came into existence around 2012 when John Evans and Andy Petersen decided to team up and start a small shop together.  Having worked together since 2006, they operated as a team under their employer building high end unlimited trucks and buggies during the day.  In the evenings they would work on their own customers projects at Eversen Performance.  As their quality and craftsmanship spoke for itself, they soon found themselves with an overwhelming demand for their work, and Eversen Performance became their full time endeavor.  Over the next 6 years they built some of the highest quality vehicles and components in the industry, and earned a reputation for quality, performance, and integrity.

In 2018, the pair decided to tactfully part ways to be closer to family and friends.  Evans formed Eversen Performance Products, and Petersen formed Eversen Fab.  While they are separate entities, the pair still work closely with each other on many fronts, and have a handful or parts and products that are a collaboration between the two companies.  

Flash forward to today, Eversen Performance Products applies the concepts and knowledge gained over the past 21 years in the industry, to every part we make.  With an eye for detail and an "outside the box" perspective, Eversen Performance Products continues to deliver the most innovative, highest quality products available.  "The Best Never Rest"