Brake Pedal Assembly
Brake Pedal Assembly
Brake Pedal Assembly
Brake Pedal Assembly

Brake Pedal Assembly

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The Eversen Performance Brake Pedal Assembly was designed to give builders a complete, ready-to-install braking solution that can withstand the demands of off-road drivers.  

The assembly starts with our billet aluminum machined pedal, which features a sealed roller bearing pivot, a precision shoulder pivot bolt, adjustable height foot pad, large Tilton HD balance bar, integrated return spring, finished off with a durable hard anodize coating.  The mounting bracket is constructed from precision cut and formed 4130 plate, fixtured and TIG welded, then zinc plated for corrosion protection.  Designed to utilize (2) Tilton series 76 master cylinders. 

**Select your desired bore sizes if you want your pedal assembly to arrive complete ready to install.** 

Assembly Includes:

  • Billet aluminum 11.25:1 pedal (hard anodized)
  • TIG welded mounting bracket (zinc plated)
  • TIG welded adjustable foot pad (zinc plated)
  • Sealed roller bearing at pivots
  • Tilton HD balance bar
  • Optional pair of Tilton master cylinders of your selected sizes(s) 
  • Precision shoulder bolt pivot hardware
  • Pedal return spring
  • Master cylinder mounting hardware